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Peace Services LLC is proud to have almost 40 years combined experience!

That means we are proud to be the multi-disciplined lighting technician that you need to provide worry free – turnkey solutions for all of your lighting issues. We provide traditional lighting design and install construction services as well as communication options. We also provide troubleshooting and repair of existing systems, from retail to industrial we do it all!

We are committed to providing excellent service throughout every lighting project and provide support to our clients even after completion. Our clients enjoy the benefit of having a personal relationship with superior service as we strive to meet their needs.

We have the experience you want and the quality you need to ensure that we are your electrician for everything from lighting retrofitters to industrial applications and shopping malls to home remodelers. Our knowledgeable and trusted staff specialize in making sure we are “Lighting Technicians for Peace of Mind”.

Lighting Projects With Minimal or No Down Time

We specialize in Industrial, Commercial, and Retail Lighting Services and thanks to the combined efforts of each employee at Peace Services LLC, Inc. we have earned a reputation as one of the best lighting technicians in the Central and Southwest regions of the U.S.

Our wide expertise, dedication to customer service and exceptional quality has our company going wherever our customers need help with their lighting. Over the years we have worked in all parts of the United States and many Countries all over the World.

Peace Services LLC brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project. We can handle your lighting project design, engineering, construction and installation for any size project. You can trust that we will complete your lighting project in the most efficient, cost-effective and safest way possible.

With our team of experienced professional workers in the field and our knowledgeable team in the office, you can be sure that Peace Services will get the job done right with minimal or no down time for your business.

What We Do

Commercial | Retail Lighting

Proper lighting is key to ensure that the employees of your company can perform at optimal levels. Improper workplace lighting can strain vision, promote tiredness and can cause errors and accidents that can been avoided.

With the help of Peace Services LLC, businesses can ensure a safe and uplifting environment for their employees, complete with pleasant visual aesthetics.  The proper lighting also reduces slip and falls by customers which cuts down on insurance claims.

Industrial Lighting

Peace Services LLC recognizes that every lighting situation is unique. That is why we pride ourselves in working one-on-one with clients to create a custom lighting plan, while providing the most ideal products for every lighting system.

No matter what lighting issue you are facing, we have the perfect solution to keep your company’s lighting bright so your business achieve peak performance with minimal or no down time.

Institutional | Public Lighting

Peace Services LLC has extensive technical experience in all areas of lighting construction, lighting maintenance, and lighting repairs .

From low voltage track lights, to high voltage underground distribution systems, Peace Services has the lighting experience, resources, and skills to complete large or small projects on time and within budget. We perform all types of lighting work for commercial, educational, governmental, industrial, institutional, and medical facilities.

Have a Large Lighting Project?

Peace Services LLC is here to take care of everything with minimal downtime!

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